Tropical Breeze Wax Melts

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1.50 LBS

Tropical Breeze fragrance is the essence of the tropics with its sweet floral fragrance and a faint hint of ginger.  There are 6 cubes in a package.


Wax melts are essentially a candle without a wick.  Place one cube in the top of a wax warmer where it will melt to release the scent.  Our wax melts hold an abundance of fragrance and will last up to 20 hours, but unlike a candle, the wax does not burn away.  Once you can no longer smell the fragrance you can throw the old wax away and start a new cube.  It is important to use a warmer which is specifically designed for wax melts because any other type of warmer could reach temperatures much higher than designed for wax melts.

Before disposing of the old wax, you will need to let it cool off.  After the wax has cooled, you can place the dish in the freezer for 30 minutes and the wax will come out easily.  Then discard the wax in a trash bag.  Do not pour melted wax down the drain.  Of course because our wax is a soft wax, you can take a paper towel or spoon and scoop up the wax after it has cooled.  It is best to keep our wax melts someplace where it is cool especially during the warmer months.  Unlike other wax melts which are made from a harder wax, our melts will not "pop" out.  You will need a knife (not sharp) to go around the edges of a cube and then you can scoop it out to place in your wax warmer.  Only use one cube at a time.