Fragrance Diffusers - Two

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4.00 LBS

With our double fragrance diffuser/reed diffuser, you can give one as a gift and keep one for yourself!  Our fragrance diffuser/reed diffuser allows you to have your favorite Granny Bee's fragrances in your home and/or office without the worry of an open flame.  Both of your Granny Bee's fragrance diffusers are hand poured into a beautiful square glass jar embellished with our pewter bee which was designed exclusively for Granny Bee's by the late American Artist Ron Lee (go to for more information.)  We use only the finest fragrance oils and carefully measure to insure that you have the strongest of scents.  Each Fragrance Diffuser holds 7.75 ounces will continually release a subtle aroma for up to a year!  This diffuser set comes with 2 sets of Diffuser reeds - 10 each.

Please be sure to pick a fragrance for diffuser #1 and diffuser #2.