9 oz. Southwest Candle

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2.25 LBS

This Southwest 9 oz. Candle is hand poured into a distinctive shaped tureen jar.  We use a top quality wax especially made for container candles.  It is a soft wax that holds an abundance of fragrance oil, which is why our candles are one of the most highly scented container candles on the market.  This candle has a burn time of approximately 50 hours. 

Height is 2 5/8" and the Diameter at its widest point is 3 7/8"

Fragrance Descriptions:

Adobe Sweet Adobe ~ Welcome to a warm and cozy home filled with the aroma of baked caramelized sugar with notes of sweet vanilla melded with a hint of coconut.

Call of the Wild ~ After a mid summer's day thunderstorm, the essence of the Wild West is captured with the refreshing smell of rain and wild cactus flowers.

Cowboy ~ A rugged untamed blend of amber resin, cardamom, and tonka bean capture the distinctively masculine essence of a true cowboy.

Desert Heat ~ Feel the heat with hot cinnamon spice, mid notes of clove leaf combined with fragrant tonka and vanilla beans, with a dash of nutmeg.

Heart of Texas ~ Go right to the heart with this fragrance that blends rosewood, cognac and molasses to make a unique and inviting fragrance.

Rawhide ~ The distinctive smell of leather coupled with the notes of amber, cedarwood, and musk capture the boldness of the Southwest.

Santa Fe Sage ~ Journey through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, where wild sage brush melds with balsam and cedar with lingering notes of clove leaf.

The Great Plains ~ On the breeze of the great plains, catch the refreshing scent of lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits growing in the nearby valley.