Silver Heart on 14 ounce Cube Jar
Only $35.99

Silver Cross with Faux Turquoise Stone on 22 ounce Cube Jar
Only $45.99

Welcome to Granny Bee's Candle store. Need just a couple of highly scented, long lasting, slow burning container candles for yourself? Then you've come to the right page. Choose the size of candle you want and also the name of the fragrance you wish to purchase. Better get a few extra for gifts. Your friends are going to love them too. Look for quantity discounts toward the bottom of the page of the product you are wishing to purchase. The more you buy the lower the price.
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Retail Prices
  Description Price
1. 11 oz Candle
Item No. SM100
2. Pewter Bee Embellished 11 oz Candle
Item No. PB100
3. 18 oz Candle w/Candle in Lid
Item No. LG100
4. Heart Shaped 3 wick Candle with Pewter Bee
Item No. HT100
5. 18 oz. Citronella Candle
Item No. LG101
6. 3 oz Votive Sampler Pack by the Dozen
Item No. VT200
7. 3 oz. Votive by the Half Dozen
Item No. VT100
8. Fragrance Diffuser
Item No. D100
9. Double Fragrance Diffuser
Item No. D200
10. Diffuser Refill
Item No. D300
11. Room Spray
Item No. RS200
12. Wax Melts
Item No. MT100
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